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Keeping your data safe and private is at the heart of Stile — from both a cultural as well as a technical perspective.

We realise that the information we store on your behalf can be of a personal and sensitive nature, and because we don’t look at it, we simply assume it is all sensitive and act accordingly.

Private by default

Every student, teacher and parent that uses Stile has their own unique username and password. Only users you specifically nominate can gain access to your school’s data.

For every lesson a teacher creates and every piece of work a student submits, we manage a set of sophisticated security rules that specify exactly who can view and modify them.

Securely hosted

Stile is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS), who are experts at providing reliable and secure server infrastructure. AWS are responsible for the physical security of the infrastructure that runs Stile.

Australian Customers: We exclusively store all your data in Australia at AWS’s Sydney facility. AWS in Sydney is independently certified to meet the security requirements for unclassified Australian Government data as specified by Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) Information Security Manual.

Secure platform

We’ve built Stile from the ground up to with the privacy and security requirements of schools in mind. Stile’s development processes are designed to verify that security has been properly considered whenever we add new features or modify existing ones. We use automated systems to randomly audit our security policies, ensuring they are correctly enforced. Internal and third party reviews of our security practices are routinely performed to verify our security practices and identify potential vunerabilities.

Access to Stile is only available via a secure connection (HTTPS).

Controlled staff access

To provide you with helpful and timely support, a limited number of our staff have access to your data on an as-needed basis. Stile staff only access and view your data when you have specifically given us permission, usually in connection with a support enquiry. All such access is logged and regularly audited.

All staff at Stile are required to hold a valid Australian Working with Children check.

Security culture

We practice what we preach. Our company polices require all employees to adhere to best-practice personal security guidelines that cover device security, encrypted file storage, password policies, social engineering and more.

Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)

Stile complies with the Australian Privacy Principles. Please click here to view our full privacy policy.

Want to know more?

Security and privacy are shared resposibilities. We work closely with our customers to ensure their security needs are met. If you would like more information on our security practices, please contact us. You can also check out our security guide for schools.

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