Stile Lab Kits

Make science 1000% more hands-on

Bring your science classroom to the next level with Stile Lab Kits, where environmental responsibility meets effortless teaching. Our kits transform complex scientific concepts into accessible, hands-on experiences while ensuring consistent and dependable performance for true peace of mind in your classroom.

Why Stile kits are different

Less waste

Stile Lab Kits are packaged in SFI-certified, recycled boxes and uphold eco-friendly practices by designing, printing, and packing all materials in the USA to reduce carbon emissions.

Crystal clear guidance

Each Stile Lab Kit includes simple guides meticulously crafted to provide educators and students with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and videos.

The “Just Works” guarantee

Stile Lab Kits are thoroughly tested for reliability and effectiveness, allowing educators to concentrate on teaching rather than equipment issues.

Get only what you need by mixing and matching our kits

Flexibility and choice are crucial in education. Stile Lab Kits address educators’ concerns about unused lab equipment by providing tailored, efficient, and safe science teaching experiences while considering budget and space constraints. Stile offers two types of kits: the Base Kit and the Unit Kit.

Base Kits

The Base Lab Kit includes two boxes with general science equipment and glassware to ensure your teachers have all the hardware needed for success!

General Equipment

This is your one-stop solution for setting up a complete grade-level science lab. This kit includes everything from measuring devices to lab utensils, supporting all units of study for your grade. Durable and reusable, it’s the backbone of your scientific explorations!


Our glassware kit, tailored for each grade level, meets precision and safety standards. It includes all necessary lab glassware cradled in custom foam inserts to ensure secure, breakage-free shipping and storage.

Unit Kit

These are unit-specific kits with all the specialized materials you need to run the labs in each grade’s unit. The materials include consumables and non-consumables, such as magnets, craft supplies, batteries, and other specialized materials. This kit supports all units taught in this grade level.

Refill Kit

Never run out of what you need with our Refills Kit. Designed to replenish the consumable materials from both the Unit Materials Kits, it ensures your lab is always prepared for the next experiment.

BYO Materials

We believe in sustainable science education. That’s why our kits do not include a few readily available materials to avoid waste and redundancy. These materials fall into four categories:

Classroom Cabinet – Commonly available materials in most schools (pencils, scissors).

Shopping List – Everyday items are easily sourced from local grocery stores (strawberries, bread).

Upcycle – To encourage recycling, teachers and students can repurpose these materials (cereal boxes, foam).

Specialist Materials – Items that are likely already available in your school’s science department (compound microscope, hot plate).

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